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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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119 Wareham Rd. Marion, MA 02738

Tel: 508-748-6888, 781- 985-6046


Homemade gourmet indian Food

Delivery available.

Wraps (includes chips)---$6.99

All items are also available as a Grilled Sandwich with delicious Indian Naan bread & Mozzarella cheese----$7.50

Curry Chicken (White Chicken meat baked in curry sauce, with fresh greens tossed in a sweet, tangy, and spicy homemade tamarind sauce, and basmati rice. All wrapped in tortilla bread.)

Vegetable wrap (Vegetables sauteed in aromatic Indian spices, over fresh greens in a sweet, sour, and tangy homemade tamarind sauce and basmati rice. All wrapped in tortilla bread.)

Spicy Chicken Tandoori wrap (White Chicken meat marinated in homemade tandoori sauce, drizzled in our special yogurt based homemade dressing, over basmati rice and fresh greens. All wrapped in a delicious tortilla bread.)

Chicken Kabob (Chicken meat marinated and baked with all natural herbs and spices, drizzled in special homemade tamarind sauce. All over fresh greens and basmati rice; wrapped in tortilla bread.)

Chicken Korma wrap (White Chicken meat marinated with yogurt & ginger/garlic sauce and baked with curry & cream.) All in a tortilla wrap with baby spinach & basmati rice.)

Steak kabob wrap (beef steak marinated and cooked with black pepper, oil & kabob masala) wrapped in a tortilla with spinach cranberry and rice.

Dishes: All dishes include Basmati Rice.

Curry Chicken (in mild curry sauce & carrots, potatoes.) -----$7.50

Shrimp curry ( in mild curry with spinach. )-- $8.99

Beef Masala (in medium curry with tomato, potato, carrot.)-$8.99

Vegetable curry (beans with spinach & squash.)/ (eggplant & potatoes cooked in tomato puree)/ (cabbage & mixed vegetable.)----$6.99

Chicken in tandoori (with baby spinach tossed in spicy yogurt sauce and fire roasted peppers.)----$7.99

Chicken Kabob (baked with herbs & spices in homemade tamarind sauce with fresh salads and roasted bell peppers.)-----$7.99

Chicken Korma (in yummy creamy curry with carrot, potato and pees.)----$7.50

Naan bread-$1.89

Alo kabuli chat ( beans & potatoes with sweet, sour & spicy sauce .)---$5.99

Samosa, Singara, Spicy pea ball. Spring Roll, Puri and more. ---$0.99

Custom made catering available.

Chicken Curry full tray (serves 20-25)--$69.99, half tray (serves 10-15 )-----$39.99

Vegetable Curry full tray (serves 20-25)----$39.99, half tray (serves 10-15)--$25.99)

Polao(Basmati Rice) full tray (serves 20-25)--$29.99), half tray (serves 10-15)--$19.99)

Beef masala full tray( serves 20-25)---$79.99, half tray (serves 10-15)--$39.99)

Shrimp and Spinach (serves 20-25)---$79.99, half tray (serves 10-15)---$39.99)

Assorted party platters (Samosa, Singara, Puri, Onion cake, Spring roll.), serves 20-$18.99

Assorted chicken Tandoori, Chicken kabob, and vegetable wraps platters available.


sm.-- $2.99, reg. --$4.29, lg. --$5.49.

Flavors available: Vanilla, espresso, Wild Berry Sorbetto, Lemon Sorbetto, Mango & Caramel.

Hot Drinks

Espresso, Cappuccino

Latte (chocolate mint, caramel nut, coconut chocolate fudge, butterscotch mocha, almond mocha.)16 oz---$3.50

Icy Chillers (smoothie)

All smoothies (16 oz--$3.99, 24 oz--$4.99)

Crazy Cherry Berry (Raspberry, Strawberry, Cherry Syrup, Vanilla Yogurt)

Bengal Chai (Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Bay Leaf, Honey, Tea, Low-Fat Milk)

Dream Suk (Mango Puree, Pineapple, Banana, Vanilla Yogurt)

Caramel Mocha (One-Shot Espresso,Chocolate Syrup, Milk w/ Caramel Topping

Chocolate Fudge Latte (Chocolate Fudge w/ One-Shot Espresso, & Whipped Cream garnished w/ Chocolate Sprinkles)

Coffee Caramel

Bubble tea with Tapioca Pearl

Cool Teaz Smoothie ---Acai, Passion fruit, Green Macha Tea, Peach Jasmine.

Energy Drink---Pomegranate/Acai, Mango/Strawberry----$4.99

Icy Drinks--- Mango Lassi, Iced Mocha, Iced Chai Tea-----$3.50

Fresh brewed Iced Coffee----$16 oz--$2.50

Iced tea, Mandarine, lemon lime, strawberry, Sengria Senoriel Soda----$1.89

*All items are subject to change.

Indian Scarfs, Shawl, Jewelery and clothing are also available. Please ask if you are interested.

Delivery everyday (except Sunday)

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